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Happy Holidays from all of us here at Private Girls in Adelaide!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adelaide Escorts - A Unique Way to Appreciate the City

There is no questioning that Adelaide is a must explore for many vacationers out there.
This is a metro laden with entertainment and excitement. Just 20 minutes away from Henley beach, it is a tourist haven for many holiday-makers out there. Adelaide also loves a amazing Mediterranean climate which would mean there is more sun all year round.

This is an ideal city to let your hair down and just chill with your friends as the soft wind caresses you. Though Adelaide has lots of fun activities, there are continually plenty of things to do when you are in the city. If perhaps you are trying to go on vacation, our Australian escorts will make it relaxing for you. Overflowing with gorgeous looks, manners and intellect, these engaging maidens are the loveliest you will ever see.

Isabella Grace - Touring Escort in Adelaide
They are just excellent for huge business get-togethers and other major gatherings. Adelaide is a significant city that has a lot of vast companies. It is obvious that many business founders choose it to be a place for events. A fabulous lunch date while having light talks with these magnificent maidens while enjoying a truly delicious sandwich from a local cafe.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Part Two and Conclusion – Lovers at the Wrong Place and Wrong Time

To conclude Mr. Schultz experience with Kelly Rose –a high class Adelaide escort, here is the continuation to our previous post.

I was beginning to lose it. I desired to be on top but I can’t, he is just too dominant for me. His lips made its way through my stomach then to my sweet heaven. It was intense, erotic and passionate. I looked into his eyes and saw the real passion that every woman should see in a man. I knew from then that he was an absolute pleasure giver.

Slowly but surely, I carefully rubbed his bulging manhood. Being the natural dominant that I am, I tried I tried to unzip his pants and flip him over so that I could be on top but I failed. I could see his shaft hard and ready and begin to give him a handjob while lying on my back. We switched positions and the next, I saw his pelvis on my face with his penis in front of me. I sucked it slow but knowing the rough guy he is, I went on faster and faster.

I could feel his pelvis move pushing his shaft in my mouth harder and harder. My gag reflex almost got activated but he sensed that I was uncomfortable. I heard I’m sorry leave his lips but I could not make it out. All the blood in my body seems to be focused on what’s going on in between my legs, I don’t blame them.

Foreplay is just so intense, I came a couple of times even without reaching the main event but it won’t be too long before he gives me his cock. He put on his condom and proceeded to doggie style. He was going slow and steady but after a couple of moments, he was pounding my pussy so hard yet amazing. I thought, I needed this. I moaned real hard and spoke of the obscenity that is happening now happening.

He flipped me over and went to missionary. Seeing his eyes, his face filled with pleasure from me is equally stimulating. We frenched kissed with all the sweat and saliva that were all over us. He continued to pound my wet flower until I came again with a bang! He was lying on his back and I gave him the best BJ that I had ever given and he seems to feel it real well.

I never thought that I brought out the monster again. His eyes flared with energy and we  went on it faster, rougher and wilder than before until he can no longer hold it. As he came on the condom, he sprayed his juices all over my breasts and I could see his eyes roll with pleasure and then he smiled.

That was the first time I ever had rough sex. I felt really lucky to be taken down by a gorgeous man that I just met not well over an hour ago but it was well worth it. After I took a shower and got dressed, he handed me the fee and a tip for my services. I could felt a tinge of sadness in the room. I didn’t want to leave and vice versa. But it is what it is, the both of us thanked each other for the great time and we parted.

If we met on different means, the situation wouldn’t be like this. Many say that Darwin escorts only want you for the money but sometimes, they are infatuated with clients such as my dear Mr. Schultz.

Until we meet again my sweet little flower.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Lovers at the Wrong Place and Wrong Time: An Erotic Story

Every once in awhile, we escorts do get surprised with our clients in terms of looks, money and skill in the sac. You might say that we have a lot of experience when it comes to sex; we do in fact get to experience “first times” with our clients as well. My name is Kelly Rose and I am a private escort in Adelaide. I will tell you the story of how I dealt with a client who is quite the charmer himself.

I must admit that I am really into escorting. I would not consider myself as a nymphomaniac but I just have that natural hedonistic approach to life. This is the same reason why I am in the escorting business. I am a fun loving girl with a taste for travelling, adventures and excitement. I always love a good story and experience and with me, you will get a lot of that with a more erotic fling to it.

While doing my regular email checks right before bed, I was reading several emails when a new email came in from a new client. In the email, he introduced himself to be “Paul Schultz” and he is planning to travel to Australia for a business meeting. While here, Mr. Schultz would like my companion for a couple of hours right before he leaves 3 days later.

I thought it to be your run of the mill clients so I agreed and he called me to confirm his booking. His voice was deep, in control and powerful. I pictured him out to be a 6 foot, athletic military man; strong and with power. We agreed to meet at a five star hotel downtown where he will be staying for the rest of his trp in Adelaide.

Like what I always do, I prepared for my meeting. I packed a couple of condoms, lubes, tissue papers and some naughty toys. As what I always do when meeting clients, I wear my best clothes to work; not too sexy nor too bland. Underneath that is my lacey violet lingerie (it’s a bit itchy sometimes) and a matching G-string.

When I arrived at the hotel, Paul was waiting for me in the lobby. I never expected him to be so handsome. I knew that it was him because he approached me first. “Ms. Rose?” he said, with the same voice I heard over the phone. He was modelesque, standing near 6 foot tall with a neatly carved face and dark hair. He had that aura of control and power over him and when he spoke my name, I felt like I was the leading lady of this romantic movie.

I was infatuated over him. The vixen in me can hardly wait to prance this beautiful creature. The thought of him lay captive in bed begging for more turned me on. I could feel that I was starting to get excited as we went up the elevator. Being chosen to be his courtesan was some sort of an ego boost. I thought I’m that attractive?

We reached the hotel room and led me to the door. I have been on settings like this for quite some time now. Throughout my days in the business, I have come and gone hotels and five star apartments around Australia; this was something I did expect.

He offered me a glass of champagne while overlooking the city. We sat on the couch and talked about our personal lives; nothing too deep though, just enough for us to get to know each other. He complimented me on my looks and my dress. We sipped more champagne until we reached the topic of sex. He looked in my eye with desire and I know that he could see it in me that I was really excited. I remembered my thought of prancing up on him and just go wet and wild. Before I knew it, I was lying on my back as he went up all over me. I was quite surprised that he was so into me.

His voice is the same as his personality; he has that really dominant side. I know I am dominant in the bedroom but I never thought that I would be the submissive one. He was really rough with a lot of torrid kissing on my lips, my neck until he made his way to my breasts. I tried to resist but he was too controlling and I was having a great time. I could feel my wetness tip me over. His hands were all over me, rubbing my sweet spots as if we have made love before.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Gallery of the Hottest Adelaide Escort Gallery

Adriana Thalia

Grace Bellavue

Bonnie 69


Honey Adams

Gloria Van Vaulker

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Tickle your Fantasies with Adelaide Escort Videos

Do you have intimate cravings that you wish to fulfill? Are you looking for a pleasurable companion while in the beautiful city of Adelaide? Before you do anything, watch these videos and open your mind to a new kind of sexuality.

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Simone’s Erotic Story Part Two - the Conclusion

This follows my story from a previous post about Simone and her experience as an Adelaide escort girl for the first time. 

“I said, ‘Tut tut tuh.. Not yet big boy”

But he was not the submissive type. With the blink of an eye, I was obedient at his every whim. Slowly, he moved his thick fingers to my kitty, rubbing its already wet lips while kissing me all the way to my nipples. I can’t help but moan from the pleasure. He found his mouth all the way to my sweet flower and kissed it deeply, slightly exposing my hole. He continues to lick, suck and tongue my insides until I can no longer keep up. A sudden gush of warm liquid erupted from my pussy and with it, 10 seconds of carnal pleasure for this naughty kitty.

I could tell that wasn’t the end of it. We continued to have oral sex and 69 for 10 minutes until we finally decided to go for the main event. Out comes the condom, I placed it on his excited shaft while kissing it (for additional moisture). I had never been this turned on in my life. I felt empowered, excited and pleased with his expressions as I slowly put on the condom, but again, he wasn’t someone who gives in easily. He was as excited as I was and all of a sudden, I found myself lying below him on missionary.

We were very close to each other; I could see every detail of his face; the sweat, his pleasure-filled eyes and his deep breaths. Slowly, he slipped in his hard cock almost as easily and begin to slowly thrust it in. I moaned a little as the first few rounds of his shaft enter me until it went in faster and faster. I can’t help but scream from how intense it was.

As we went on and on, I screamed all the obscenities that I could think of. He too, was moaning and breathing heavily. Time to switch positions and we went to doggy. This is where I felt submissive. Face down, ass up, he penetrated me with maximum force. I could feel his cock tight and ready to blow with every thrust. It’s that feeling again; the feeling of orgasm going near.

“Ah! Please don’t stop”

And he went faster and faster until I can no longer handle it. He still went on on doggy without hesitation but I could feel that it was time for me to take over. We switched again to cowgirl were I rode his cock like on the porn movies that I always masturbate to. I rolled my hips, kissed his lips and with every move I make, he always seems very pleased with it. I went in as fast as I could and tightened my pussy to let him feel the fun and excitement that I am experiencing. His cock was so sensitive, he must be near orgasm. I went on it slower and then faster in different intensities until…

“I’m almost there”, with his eyes closed and then, he withdraws his throbbing cock filled with cum. I almost felt like tasting it as he finishes. I smiled at him and there was a sense of satisfaction in his face. We cuddled right after and talked about ourselves and shared a couple of secrets. After we got dressed, he handed out another envelope saying it was a “gift” for having a great time.

I left his hotel room thinking of what happened the past two hours with him and the thought of seeing him again. If we were at different places at different times, I could be somewhere special with him and actually being in a relationship with him.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Simone’s Escort Erotic Story Part One

Adelaide Escorts

My name is Simone and this is one of my first few experiences with clients as an Adelaide escortgirl:

It had always been my dream to be a model but somehow, I winded up in the adult entertainment industry. I could say that I am good-looking, with slim body and nice curves so I decided to try it just to earn a few extra cash. So I arranged a photoshoot and went to look for an escort agent to help me get clients. I was hoping to meet someone that can help me boost my modeling career and I was a little optimistic about it.

Finally, a call came in saying he wants to book me for 2 hours in Adelaide (where I’m currenlty based) and all of a sudden, reality threw a huge rock at me. I felt nervous; I hardly knew what I’d do.  Feeling a little bit awkward, I started watching porn and read sex books before the meeting which was 2 days from now.

On the day of the meeting, all of a sudden, anxiety filled me with thoughts such as ‘he won’t like you’ or ‘this is going to be embarrassing’. I looked in the mirror and composed myself to feel confident about myself. I know this was a really big challenge. I just thought that this was just a normal date except he’s going to be paying me for sex.

I got dressed, put on my makeup and prepared everything that I would need: cologne, lube, condoms, a couple of toys, and I left for the meeting. We arranged to meet at his five star hotel room in CBD and there I went. The walk in the hallway to his room was a long, sort of nerve-racking that I even thought that I would call in sick but I still walked on to room 314.

I knocked on the door and there he was, wearing his undone long sleeve shirt and dark slacks. He was in his thirties, blue-eyes and well-built. I myself thought he was hot! He said hello and I confidently said:

‘Hi, my name is Simone.’  
‘Good, I’ve been expecting you.’

He led me to his room and it was really fancy. It was large with a small living room and even cold champagne. We then settled for the payment and he then offered me a glass of champagne. We talked for five minutes about ourselves and I asked him about his sexual preferences. He then turned his head, looked down and smiled (the kind of smile that Zac Efron makes when he looks down). She looked at me still wearing his smile, he moved closer and kissed me passionately.

I followed my instincts and I kissed him back. His hand moved on all sorts of places and grasped my but. My hands were on his shoulders as we continued to kiss while his hands are still busy playing with my butt cheeks. After a minute or two, he moved his hands closer to my pussy and I begged for him to continue deeper. While embracing me, I could feel his hardness rubbing against my pelvis.

I let my instincts take over and pushed him back on the couch. While looking at him, I moved from his lips all the way down until I faced his bulging crotch to open his pants and his knickers. There it was, waiting for me to give it a kiss. He was hard, throbbing and ready to go in my mouth. I started licking the tip down the base, moving back and forth. I took in some of his dick in my mouth everytime until it finally disappeared in his mouth. He was almost at the brink of coming but…

I  said, ‘Tut tut tuh.. Not yet big boy’

If you want to hear the rest of the story, watch out for our next update on this blog and finally, we will conclude Simone’s first escort story or better yet experience it yourself! Find out more about Adelaide Escort girls in our blog page or on our main galleries!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Importance of Foreplay in Sexual Intercourse

Adelaide Escorts

I booked an escort for the first time in Adelaide. Despite her photos being blurred for her privacy, it was still one of the best decisions of my life. We met at my apartment and she was more than what I expected to see. Her long golden hair, green eyes, beautiful face and hot body instantly turned me on. I could feel my cock go hard from the excitement. She saw my trousers bulging and she gave me a suggestive smile.

After we settled for the payment, she suggested for a glass of champagne. After which, I was in a deep, erotic conversation with this lovely lady. It was like being with a friend after a long time apart; an intimate and passionate lover who’s waiting for you after all these years.

She was softly kissing me while still holding a glass of champagne. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly, caressing her long legs, going higher and higher. She poured what’s left of her glass on her flat stomach and looked at me with horny eyes. I sipped all the champagne on her stomach up to her huge breasts. Sensually licking every sweet inch of her toned body, she breathes heavily, even moaning a little...

Foreplay is one of the first steps of sexual intercourse. Delve in too fast and you could lose the excitement, do it too long and you could end up playing with each other and not getting it on to the next level. Women love foreplay in anticipation for the main event. It properly lubricates the female sex organs and gets males hard enough to penetrate it.

Foreplay is all about setting the mood with your partner. You can whisper the nasty things you would do for the main event or engage in oral sex. Males are expected to initiate foreplay and to assist females in getting them ready for the sex. For women, a way to spice it up is to be at her sexiest; wearing lingerie, masturbating or performing oral sex on you (if it turns her on, why not?).

A kiss can be a major turn and a first step to turning your girl on. A French kiss to the lips, going down to her breasts and way down to her sweet spots, is a huge turn on. So make sure to work on your kissing skills and work with the mood. Foreplay can be a make or break point when engaging in sex.

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