Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girls with Tattoos: Are they Hot?

I have been on tumblr lately and I have noticed that most of the girls that reach the most reblogged or most notes have tattoos. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it is just that does it make a girl look hotter than normal? Is it like makeup that makes you look sexy, cute, hot and  all the adjectives that you can say to your female girlfriend? There are many reasons why men love women who have tattoos, here are some of my reasons why:

  1. Women who have tattoos are somehow liberal. When it comes to upbringing, girls with tattoos somehow have that liberal outlook in life. It is that daring and fun loving side of a woman that most of us love and they show it through tattoos.
  2. Inked girls are confident. At least most of the girls that I know that have tattoos are comfortable with themselves and have tons of self esteem, often bordering being a douchebag  but hey, they’re confident and they know they are.
  3. Girls with tattoos are more self conscious. They know how to stand out and fit in society but they never lose themselves in the crowd. They have an identity of their own and they know themselves more than anyone in the world.
  4. Inked girls are in touch with themselves, sexually. We cannot deny the fact that inked girls are more sexually open than those who close their minds to it. But that doesn’t mean these girls do it just for the heck of it, it is just you would have more erotic fun with an inked girl than one clean.
Girls with tattoos are simply sexy but with moderation. There are other girls that go obsessed with body modification that they somehow take away the natural beauty that they have. “Think before you ink” or you might end up like Maria Jose Cristerna or the Vampire lady of mexico. She is far beyond hot, more like scary even. Aside from what design you choose, you should also think about the location of your tattoos or if the design and location fits your personality.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as what they always say. At the end of the day, you will have the final call of what true beauty is for a woman whether they are inked or not. You just have to respect other’s opinion about girls and what’s hot for them. So are they hot? Hell yes.

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