Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 5 Most Common Sex Positions

Sex is an experience that should be treated with respect, privacy and pleasure. When you say “sex”, you think of sex positions. When you give it more thought, all you need to do is slip your pee-pee in and you’re done but for the innocent ones out there, there is more to it than just thrusting your penis in a vagina. To give you an idea, here are some of the most common sex positions that most of us know in no particular order:

  1. Missionary. Classic missionary is a pleasurable sex position especially for the women. It gives more depth of penetration and you can see your partner’s expression as you make love to her. Missionary is one of the basic, man-on-top positions. The giver penetrates as the receiver lies on her back.
  2. Doggy Style. Like missionary, doggy is also a basic position which allows the giver to penetrate with great depth. This position gives more power to the giver being able to control how deep and hard he penetrates from behind while the receiver is on all fours.
  3. Spooning. This position is favored by females because of the amount of socialization that the couple can get. The both of you lie on your side, similar to a cuddle but with more movement. The giver can then penetrate from behind while still lying on your side. You can feel your partner closer, hear every breath and even engage in dirty talk.
  4. Cowgirl. For women who love to take control, this is one position for you. This is similar to a missionary except the receiver is on top. She has more control on speed and depth of penetration being on top. It is even a recommended for women who are losing their virginity for the first time.
  5. 69. It’s not really a sex position, more like a foreplay stage. The both of you lay on top of each other, give and receive oral sex at the same time. It can be a visually stimulating experience for the giver and receiver, especially if you have mirror on your ceiling.

Explore more sex positions as you take one step at a time to your sexuality. You can even experiment on various positions by combining two positions at once or changing your angle. What is great about it is that you can do all this with the woman of your dreams. Check out more Escorts in Adelaide in our blog!

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