Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Myths and Their Truths about the Escort Industry in Australia

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Many international and Australian escorts enjoy the sun and loving crowd down south. Not only are these girls free to practice their escorting services in the country, they also have the opportunity to travel this beautiful country. Even when the industry is made legal by the government, there are still discrimination and hate towards these girls. Due to common ignorance and judgment, people think that they are no better than anybody.

In this post, we will debunk a few misconceptions and myths to open our eyes about the escorting industry in Australia. Here are some common myths and the truths about the escorting industry:

MYTH: Escorts are hooked on to drugs.
TRUTH: Escorts are never hooked on to any form of drugs, even when their clients offer it to them freely. Though some might say it helps with the sex, it is never an answer to impotency. If an escort finds out you are on drugs, they would simply deny you of service. There are even escorts that take measures to ask for a recent drug test before they make any appointments with you.

MYTH: Escorts are dumb and uneducated.
TRUTH: This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions that society made up for escorts. It takes intelligence, charisma and great conversation to captivate their clients, not just for the sex but to give them a great experience. Some escorts even have PhD’s and completed their postgraduate masters and still be paid companions for you.

MYTH: Escorts are emotionally unstable.
TRUTH: There are many reasons why escort girls chose this kind of business as a career. It doesn’t make one emotionally unstable to be in this industry. In fact, most escorts are even happy to be in the escorting world. They get to enjoy great company with their clients, they earn more than minimum wage (way more) and they get to travel around and meet new people everyday.

MYTH: Escorts earn a lot.
TRUTH: Though this myth is half right, escorts still need to work hard to earn such a stature in the escort industry. Escorts can earn as much as $1000 an hour just by being with a client; however, you need to work hard for it. It takes dedication, passion and hard work to become a high class escort and receive a huge paycheck for it.

MYTH: Escorts need to be hot and good-looking.
TRUTH: It takes more than good looks to be successful in the escort industry. Though it can only take you further, genuine affections and personality can take you all the way up the ladder. If you have good-looks and great attitude, you will have a successful relationship with your clients.

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