Monday, August 26, 2013

Simone’s Escort Erotic Story Part One

Adelaide Escorts

My name is Simone and this is one of my first few experiences with clients as an Adelaide escortgirl:

It had always been my dream to be a model but somehow, I winded up in the adult entertainment industry. I could say that I am good-looking, with slim body and nice curves so I decided to try it just to earn a few extra cash. So I arranged a photoshoot and went to look for an escort agent to help me get clients. I was hoping to meet someone that can help me boost my modeling career and I was a little optimistic about it.

Finally, a call came in saying he wants to book me for 2 hours in Adelaide (where I’m currenlty based) and all of a sudden, reality threw a huge rock at me. I felt nervous; I hardly knew what I’d do.  Feeling a little bit awkward, I started watching porn and read sex books before the meeting which was 2 days from now.

On the day of the meeting, all of a sudden, anxiety filled me with thoughts such as ‘he won’t like you’ or ‘this is going to be embarrassing’. I looked in the mirror and composed myself to feel confident about myself. I know this was a really big challenge. I just thought that this was just a normal date except he’s going to be paying me for sex.

I got dressed, put on my makeup and prepared everything that I would need: cologne, lube, condoms, a couple of toys, and I left for the meeting. We arranged to meet at his five star hotel room in CBD and there I went. The walk in the hallway to his room was a long, sort of nerve-racking that I even thought that I would call in sick but I still walked on to room 314.

I knocked on the door and there he was, wearing his undone long sleeve shirt and dark slacks. He was in his thirties, blue-eyes and well-built. I myself thought he was hot! He said hello and I confidently said:

‘Hi, my name is Simone.’  
‘Good, I’ve been expecting you.’

He led me to his room and it was really fancy. It was large with a small living room and even cold champagne. We then settled for the payment and he then offered me a glass of champagne. We talked for five minutes about ourselves and I asked him about his sexual preferences. He then turned his head, looked down and smiled (the kind of smile that Zac Efron makes when he looks down). She looked at me still wearing his smile, he moved closer and kissed me passionately.

I followed my instincts and I kissed him back. His hand moved on all sorts of places and grasped my but. My hands were on his shoulders as we continued to kiss while his hands are still busy playing with my butt cheeks. After a minute or two, he moved his hands closer to my pussy and I begged for him to continue deeper. While embracing me, I could feel his hardness rubbing against my pelvis.

I let my instincts take over and pushed him back on the couch. While looking at him, I moved from his lips all the way down until I faced his bulging crotch to open his pants and his knickers. There it was, waiting for me to give it a kiss. He was hard, throbbing and ready to go in my mouth. I started licking the tip down the base, moving back and forth. I took in some of his dick in my mouth everytime until it finally disappeared in his mouth. He was almost at the brink of coming but…

I  said, ‘Tut tut tuh.. Not yet big boy’

If you want to hear the rest of the story, watch out for our next update on this blog and finally, we will conclude Simone’s first escort story or better yet experience it yourself! Find out more about Adelaide Escort girls in our blog page or on our main galleries!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Importance of Foreplay in Sexual Intercourse

Adelaide Escorts

I booked an escort for the first time in Adelaide. Despite her photos being blurred for her privacy, it was still one of the best decisions of my life. We met at my apartment and she was more than what I expected to see. Her long golden hair, green eyes, beautiful face and hot body instantly turned me on. I could feel my cock go hard from the excitement. She saw my trousers bulging and she gave me a suggestive smile.

After we settled for the payment, she suggested for a glass of champagne. After which, I was in a deep, erotic conversation with this lovely lady. It was like being with a friend after a long time apart; an intimate and passionate lover who’s waiting for you after all these years.

She was softly kissing me while still holding a glass of champagne. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly, caressing her long legs, going higher and higher. She poured what’s left of her glass on her flat stomach and looked at me with horny eyes. I sipped all the champagne on her stomach up to her huge breasts. Sensually licking every sweet inch of her toned body, she breathes heavily, even moaning a little...

Foreplay is one of the first steps of sexual intercourse. Delve in too fast and you could lose the excitement, do it too long and you could end up playing with each other and not getting it on to the next level. Women love foreplay in anticipation for the main event. It properly lubricates the female sex organs and gets males hard enough to penetrate it.

Foreplay is all about setting the mood with your partner. You can whisper the nasty things you would do for the main event or engage in oral sex. Males are expected to initiate foreplay and to assist females in getting them ready for the sex. For women, a way to spice it up is to be at her sexiest; wearing lingerie, masturbating or performing oral sex on you (if it turns her on, why not?).

A kiss can be a major turn and a first step to turning your girl on. A French kiss to the lips, going down to her breasts and way down to her sweet spots, is a huge turn on. So make sure to work on your kissing skills and work with the mood. Foreplay can be a make or break point when engaging in sex.

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