Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Importance of Foreplay in Sexual Intercourse

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I booked an escort for the first time in Adelaide. Despite her photos being blurred for her privacy, it was still one of the best decisions of my life. We met at my apartment and she was more than what I expected to see. Her long golden hair, green eyes, beautiful face and hot body instantly turned me on. I could feel my cock go hard from the excitement. She saw my trousers bulging and she gave me a suggestive smile.

After we settled for the payment, she suggested for a glass of champagne. After which, I was in a deep, erotic conversation with this lovely lady. It was like being with a friend after a long time apart; an intimate and passionate lover who’s waiting for you after all these years.

She was softly kissing me while still holding a glass of champagne. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly, caressing her long legs, going higher and higher. She poured what’s left of her glass on her flat stomach and looked at me with horny eyes. I sipped all the champagne on her stomach up to her huge breasts. Sensually licking every sweet inch of her toned body, she breathes heavily, even moaning a little...

Foreplay is one of the first steps of sexual intercourse. Delve in too fast and you could lose the excitement, do it too long and you could end up playing with each other and not getting it on to the next level. Women love foreplay in anticipation for the main event. It properly lubricates the female sex organs and gets males hard enough to penetrate it.

Foreplay is all about setting the mood with your partner. You can whisper the nasty things you would do for the main event or engage in oral sex. Males are expected to initiate foreplay and to assist females in getting them ready for the sex. For women, a way to spice it up is to be at her sexiest; wearing lingerie, masturbating or performing oral sex on you (if it turns her on, why not?).

A kiss can be a major turn and a first step to turning your girl on. A French kiss to the lips, going down to her breasts and way down to her sweet spots, is a huge turn on. So make sure to work on your kissing skills and work with the mood. Foreplay can be a make or break point when engaging in sex.

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