Sunday, September 22, 2013

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simone’s Erotic Story Part Two - the Conclusion

This follows my story from a previous post about Simone and her experience as an Adelaide escort girl for the first time. 

“I said, ‘Tut tut tuh.. Not yet big boy”

But he was not the submissive type. With the blink of an eye, I was obedient at his every whim. Slowly, he moved his thick fingers to my kitty, rubbing its already wet lips while kissing me all the way to my nipples. I can’t help but moan from the pleasure. He found his mouth all the way to my sweet flower and kissed it deeply, slightly exposing my hole. He continues to lick, suck and tongue my insides until I can no longer keep up. A sudden gush of warm liquid erupted from my pussy and with it, 10 seconds of carnal pleasure for this naughty kitty.

I could tell that wasn’t the end of it. We continued to have oral sex and 69 for 10 minutes until we finally decided to go for the main event. Out comes the condom, I placed it on his excited shaft while kissing it (for additional moisture). I had never been this turned on in my life. I felt empowered, excited and pleased with his expressions as I slowly put on the condom, but again, he wasn’t someone who gives in easily. He was as excited as I was and all of a sudden, I found myself lying below him on missionary.

We were very close to each other; I could see every detail of his face; the sweat, his pleasure-filled eyes and his deep breaths. Slowly, he slipped in his hard cock almost as easily and begin to slowly thrust it in. I moaned a little as the first few rounds of his shaft enter me until it went in faster and faster. I can’t help but scream from how intense it was.

As we went on and on, I screamed all the obscenities that I could think of. He too, was moaning and breathing heavily. Time to switch positions and we went to doggy. This is where I felt submissive. Face down, ass up, he penetrated me with maximum force. I could feel his cock tight and ready to blow with every thrust. It’s that feeling again; the feeling of orgasm going near.

“Ah! Please don’t stop”

And he went faster and faster until I can no longer handle it. He still went on on doggy without hesitation but I could feel that it was time for me to take over. We switched again to cowgirl were I rode his cock like on the porn movies that I always masturbate to. I rolled my hips, kissed his lips and with every move I make, he always seems very pleased with it. I went in as fast as I could and tightened my pussy to let him feel the fun and excitement that I am experiencing. His cock was so sensitive, he must be near orgasm. I went on it slower and then faster in different intensities until…

“I’m almost there”, with his eyes closed and then, he withdraws his throbbing cock filled with cum. I almost felt like tasting it as he finishes. I smiled at him and there was a sense of satisfaction in his face. We cuddled right after and talked about ourselves and shared a couple of secrets. After we got dressed, he handed out another envelope saying it was a “gift” for having a great time.

I left his hotel room thinking of what happened the past two hours with him and the thought of seeing him again. If we were at different places at different times, I could be somewhere special with him and actually being in a relationship with him.

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