Monday, October 21, 2013

Lovers at the Wrong Place and Wrong Time: An Erotic Story

Every once in awhile, we escorts do get surprised with our clients in terms of looks, money and skill in the sac. You might say that we have a lot of experience when it comes to sex; we do in fact get to experience “first times” with our clients as well. My name is Kelly Rose and I am a private escort in Adelaide. I will tell you the story of how I dealt with a client who is quite the charmer himself.

I must admit that I am really into escorting. I would not consider myself as a nymphomaniac but I just have that natural hedonistic approach to life. This is the same reason why I am in the escorting business. I am a fun loving girl with a taste for travelling, adventures and excitement. I always love a good story and experience and with me, you will get a lot of that with a more erotic fling to it.

While doing my regular email checks right before bed, I was reading several emails when a new email came in from a new client. In the email, he introduced himself to be “Paul Schultz” and he is planning to travel to Australia for a business meeting. While here, Mr. Schultz would like my companion for a couple of hours right before he leaves 3 days later.

I thought it to be your run of the mill clients so I agreed and he called me to confirm his booking. His voice was deep, in control and powerful. I pictured him out to be a 6 foot, athletic military man; strong and with power. We agreed to meet at a five star hotel downtown where he will be staying for the rest of his trp in Adelaide.

Like what I always do, I prepared for my meeting. I packed a couple of condoms, lubes, tissue papers and some naughty toys. As what I always do when meeting clients, I wear my best clothes to work; not too sexy nor too bland. Underneath that is my lacey violet lingerie (it’s a bit itchy sometimes) and a matching G-string.

When I arrived at the hotel, Paul was waiting for me in the lobby. I never expected him to be so handsome. I knew that it was him because he approached me first. “Ms. Rose?” he said, with the same voice I heard over the phone. He was modelesque, standing near 6 foot tall with a neatly carved face and dark hair. He had that aura of control and power over him and when he spoke my name, I felt like I was the leading lady of this romantic movie.

I was infatuated over him. The vixen in me can hardly wait to prance this beautiful creature. The thought of him lay captive in bed begging for more turned me on. I could feel that I was starting to get excited as we went up the elevator. Being chosen to be his courtesan was some sort of an ego boost. I thought I’m that attractive?

We reached the hotel room and led me to the door. I have been on settings like this for quite some time now. Throughout my days in the business, I have come and gone hotels and five star apartments around Australia; this was something I did expect.

He offered me a glass of champagne while overlooking the city. We sat on the couch and talked about our personal lives; nothing too deep though, just enough for us to get to know each other. He complimented me on my looks and my dress. We sipped more champagne until we reached the topic of sex. He looked in my eye with desire and I know that he could see it in me that I was really excited. I remembered my thought of prancing up on him and just go wet and wild. Before I knew it, I was lying on my back as he went up all over me. I was quite surprised that he was so into me.

His voice is the same as his personality; he has that really dominant side. I know I am dominant in the bedroom but I never thought that I would be the submissive one. He was really rough with a lot of torrid kissing on my lips, my neck until he made his way to my breasts. I tried to resist but he was too controlling and I was having a great time. I could feel my wetness tip me over. His hands were all over me, rubbing my sweet spots as if we have made love before.

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