Thursday, November 7, 2013

Part Two and Conclusion – Lovers at the Wrong Place and Wrong Time

To conclude Mr. Schultz experience with Kelly Rose –a high class Adelaide escort, here is the continuation to our previous post.

I was beginning to lose it. I desired to be on top but I can’t, he is just too dominant for me. His lips made its way through my stomach then to my sweet heaven. It was intense, erotic and passionate. I looked into his eyes and saw the real passion that every woman should see in a man. I knew from then that he was an absolute pleasure giver.

Slowly but surely, I carefully rubbed his bulging manhood. Being the natural dominant that I am, I tried I tried to unzip his pants and flip him over so that I could be on top but I failed. I could see his shaft hard and ready and begin to give him a handjob while lying on my back. We switched positions and the next, I saw his pelvis on my face with his penis in front of me. I sucked it slow but knowing the rough guy he is, I went on faster and faster.

I could feel his pelvis move pushing his shaft in my mouth harder and harder. My gag reflex almost got activated but he sensed that I was uncomfortable. I heard I’m sorry leave his lips but I could not make it out. All the blood in my body seems to be focused on what’s going on in between my legs, I don’t blame them.

Foreplay is just so intense, I came a couple of times even without reaching the main event but it won’t be too long before he gives me his cock. He put on his condom and proceeded to doggie style. He was going slow and steady but after a couple of moments, he was pounding my pussy so hard yet amazing. I thought, I needed this. I moaned real hard and spoke of the obscenity that is happening now happening.

He flipped me over and went to missionary. Seeing his eyes, his face filled with pleasure from me is equally stimulating. We frenched kissed with all the sweat and saliva that were all over us. He continued to pound my wet flower until I came again with a bang! He was lying on his back and I gave him the best BJ that I had ever given and he seems to feel it real well.

I never thought that I brought out the monster again. His eyes flared with energy and we  went on it faster, rougher and wilder than before until he can no longer hold it. As he came on the condom, he sprayed his juices all over my breasts and I could see his eyes roll with pleasure and then he smiled.

That was the first time I ever had rough sex. I felt really lucky to be taken down by a gorgeous man that I just met not well over an hour ago but it was well worth it. After I took a shower and got dressed, he handed me the fee and a tip for my services. I could felt a tinge of sadness in the room. I didn’t want to leave and vice versa. But it is what it is, the both of us thanked each other for the great time and we parted.

If we met on different means, the situation wouldn’t be like this. Many say that Darwin escorts only want you for the money but sometimes, they are infatuated with clients such as my dear Mr. Schultz.

Until we meet again my sweet little flower.

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