Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On a Date - Tips to Touch Her and Make Her Want You

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Have you ever gone on a date, hoping you'd get lucky and your lovely companion would say 'yes' to having you over at her place, or a nightcap at yours? When you're with one of, say, the Perth escorts you find online, their companionship can lead to some sexy time. But if you're not, there's no guarantee sex is in your plans for the evening.

However, touch a girl right while you're on a date, and you can make her want you. If you try to touch her too much or too early, you'll only creep her out. So here are a few tips to make sure you touch her the right way.

1.      Pick the right place. Sitting at a table where you're across from each other will make this harder to pull off, so make sure you choose a restaurant, for example, where you sit at right angles. Those with small booths, for instance, are good choices for this.

2.      Be subtle. Keep the conversation going – the warmer, the better. Don't think about ways to touch her just yet, but lean in now and then to subtly get closer to her. You can also soften your tone to just a whisper so that she's forced to lean towards you to hear you properly.

3.      Use your conversation as a warm up. Keep the conversation light and happy, also heading into flirty territory. If she's looking back at you and smiling a lot, then you're on the right track. Put your hand on the table and see if she does the same. If she does, she's responding to your reaching out to her, and she's ready for that hopeful touch.

4.      Put your best foot forward. Slowly slide your foot towards hers, getting as close as possible without actually touching her or making things awkward. Even the smallest contact with her foot is good – see if she pulls away, or keeps her foot in place. The more frequent these small grazes, the more you'll build the sexual tension.

5.      Engage with touch. Find little reasons to touch her hand, ears, and so on, but stay away from the more sensitive parts. For example, pretend you can read palms and reach for her hand. Or say she has a lovely bracelet and hold her palm as if to examine her jewellery better.

You can be corny if you have to, and she won't be turned off by it. Just be sure you don't molest her with these small touches.

6.      Take a walk. After your meal, you'll want to walk around for a while. Try placing your hand around her waist as nonchalantly as possible. You're doing great if she snuggles closer.

After that, it's only a matter of time before you have a quiet spot all to yourselves, where kissing and embracing can lead to more frisky, risque things. Who knows, she could be as raunchy as one of the Perth escorts you found online. 

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