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Adelaide Escorts – Common Sexual Fetishes That Were Once Considered Out-Of-This-World

Adelaide Escorts
What is a sex-related fetish, and why's it that many fetishes that were once branded as “outlandish” but are now in some way recognized by society? A sexual fetish is generally characterized as a sexual fascination or focus on a non-genital body part, a non-living object or even a specific situation or event.  The individual who has a fetish for the object or situation is called the “fetishist” while the object of attention is called the “fetish”. While many sexual fetishes remain frowned upon and deemed unwanted by modern society, a number of fetishes are now either fully recognized by society, or don't appear to raise an eyebrow anymore among men and women.

One of the most popular sexual fetishes today, thanks to the rise of the Internet (and of video cameras) is voyeurism. Voyeurism refers to an individual who becomes excited from looking at unclothed bodies, or of other men and women having sex. Perhaps you've already tried voyeurism role-playing with your lovely date at PrivateGirls Adelaide

Anililagnia (Attraction For More Mature Women)
One of the erotic fetishes that was once deemed unusual, but is now well-recognized, is anililagnia, or the appeal for more mature women. Just go out today, and see lots of young guys who find older ladies truly appealing, and are actively seeking them out. So if you're one of the dudes who has an inkling for seasoned women, then don't fear, since no one's going to leer or hurl invectives at you any longer. 

Pictophilia (Fascination With Pornographic Pictures)
If you love watching porn online, or you keep a library of porn magazines, then perhaps you have a erotic fetish called “pictophilia”. Today, pornography is an approved (or tolerated) fact, and practically every guy or girl these days has at least seen a porn flick, or acquired a porn magazine, at least once. But five or six decades ago, this was perhaps regarded as really weird or offbeat.

Stigmatophilia (A Tattoos and Piercing Fetish)
If you notice a guy or girl with a good deal of tattoos and piercings, and you instantly feel goosebumps, or get a rush of libido, then you could be feeling a case of “stigmatophilia”, or an deep enchantment with tattoos and piercings.

Shoe Fetish
Here's one more sexual fetish that doesn't raise eyebrows anymore (though I still find it weird) – Retifism. Retifism or shoe fetishism, is very widespread in men, and is widely portrayed in Western cinema and TV shows. Most of shoe fetishists have an attraction or perversion for high heels, and also invest a lot of focus on stuff like the height of the heel.

Foot Worship
One more fetish that's very common in men is “podophilia” or foot fetish, and is quite the same to a shoe fetish. This sexual fetish is categorized by a great sexual focus on the feet, as well as the appearance of the toes and feet, foot odor, and even foot treatments. The fetishist also relishes licking, petting and smelling the person's feet. 

Navel Fetish
Navel fetishism is one activity that was once previously considered so weird or forbidden. Today, lots of men and women profess to having an induced sexual arousal if they view or feel a person's navel.

So if you think you're into one, or all, of the sexual fetishes mentioned, fret no further, because these are now normally acknowledged, or widely tolerated. Just talk to your partner, or lovely High Class Girls Adelaide, regarding your fetishes, so that they won't get stunned if, without warning, you bathe their feet or navel with kisses!

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